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The role of employee recognition in hiring new employees
Mandar Bhagwat | March 16th, 2018, 5:45 am

Attracting top talent to any organization has become difficult as candidates have begun to look beyond attractive salaries and benefits. Now they are also interested in the work culture of the company and need to decide whether they will fit into it. If they do not like any practices, they will not hesitate to jump ship at the first opportunity. In the end, the company has to bear the brunt of expenses and restart the recruitment process. So, if companies want to attract new employees, they need to create a culture of recognition in the workplace. An effective employee recognition program increases employee engagement and motivation. Engaged employees do better work, make better work-related decisions, encourage a team approach, are constantly seeking better ways to reach company (and personal) goals and encourage others to do the same.

In the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in employee engagement initiatives. According to a study, 36% of businesses see engagement as a top challenge (Source). Of all the initiatives being undertaken by these companies, employee recognition as a practice is increasingly being proven as one of the most effective options.

Recently, many companies celebrated Employee Appreciation Day at their workplace. That is a grand gesture and certainly helps to increase employee engagement. However, Recognition should not be restricted to just one day of the year. Companies should build culture of recognition in the workplace to appreciate employees regularly. The primary benefit of making frequent employee recognition a part of your work culture is that all employees will be happy to work in an environment that duly appreciates their efforts and achievements.

Although, it definitely helps existing employees to actively contribute towards the company goals, there are other benefits of implementing this initiative in the organization. It can have a huge impact on your recruitment process as well.

Once you have an effective employee recognition program that is delivering the expected ROI, make sure that you communicate about the same to the company’s external environment.

Here are some ways your employee recognition could have an impact on your ability to attract the top talent:

Glassdoor reviews:

Make recognition a thorough part of your work culture. Positive reinforcement is a powerful and effective way of modifying employee behaviour. In addition, when employees also receive constructive criticism for something they didn’t do correctly, they will be more readily accepted. It goes on to show that not only your positives, but also your negatives are properly handled. Individuals will appreciate the balance.

Your employees are the best brand ambassadors your company can have. If they are satisfied and happy in their workplace, they are sure to speak highly of the company. Potential candidates will find it much easier to believe honest reviews left by your employees on popular sites such as Glassdoor than your advertisements.

Retention rate:

According to one survey, as many as 19% people of the total sample revealed that they left their job because they were under-appreciated in their job. The attrition rate in such companies is usually very high. Thus, potential candidates tend to stay from companies who display such disturbing statistics.

Although, if you are well known for low attrition rate, these same individuals will be some of the first ones to seek out your company for opportunities relevant to their skills. They know that you are doing something right, that makes your employees stay for longer periods of time.

Leverage social media:

Certain companies follow the practice of sending out an email or a newsletter highlighting individual achievements to the entire company. This is a great way of making sure that positive recognition is given publicly so that everyone is aware of it. It motivates the achievers as well as the spectators to continue giving their best to every task they undertake. Overall, it helps teams become more productive and performance oriented.

At the same time, also publish these achievements on social channels for the world to see. Let your customers, prospects, partners and others know how your employees are actively contributing to your overall success. Your employees will surely love the added exposure.

Any prospect who is interested in applying for open positions will first check your presence on the internet. Upon seeing such practices where employees are openly praised for their achievements, it will make them all the more interested in getting hired.

Employer branding is very important as it reveals why your company is such a great place to work with. Thus, if you have a great recognition program in place, particularly one that your employees love, make sure you talk about it and convey how is helps your work environment. The right candidates will surely come along.

I hope this blog post has given you idea as how beneficial, building culture of recognition in the workplace can be . It will help your organization to engage your existing employees as well as in hiring new employee at your workplace.

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