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The Battle Of The Best
Dheeraj Kumar | September 29th, 2017, 8:25 am

Of arms, armies and a battle to be the best.

During one of my early morning jogs I happened to sit beside an elderly gentleman who was also taking break. As we got into a conversation, he went on to speak about his son who had joined the Army a couple of years back. And how as a young recruit, he was enjoying every moment of his life – feeling part of something bigger than himself while working with people who all shared a common agenda with a single minded vision and to serve to the best of their abilities, not to mind the hard work that goes hand in hand. Together they win battles.

It got me thinking of my own professional life. In our own corporate world, do we enjoy every moment celebrating success of our achievements with our peers? While, not every citizen dons the uniform, every employee in corporate attire, contributes actively to the business that serves him his bread and butter. Thus becoming a part of a bigger dream that his organization aspires to achieve, taking him along. They are also a team that works together for a common cause!

Looking at the other side, from the driver’s seat, can a company capture and thrive on the passion and commitment of its work force? How does it feel its pulse and encourage positive vibes? In other words, how does a business measure the levels of engagement of its employees? Engaged employees are the force majeure that’s pulls talents and at the same time pushes the company to surpass growth targets. Their actions speak for themselves. The values are ingrained in each of the employees who wear a badge donning their corporate identity.

To find answers to all these and more, spend a minute at the one shop pit stop gardening cutting edge technology solutions which will address all your thoughts and queries on how to drive better employee engagement. Peer recognition and all its attractive benefits are here to stay. It’s the momentous decision that requires respect is what matters to employees. After all, they are your arms and weapons when you battle out to be the best in the market!

Together we say: BRAVO!

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