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Say Thanks to your Secret Santa -Play your Way
Dheeraj Kumar | December 18th, 2017, 8:25 am

Yes, you guessed right; this is a heartfelt thank you BRAVO Card to the Colleague who was my Secret Santa

“For Santa it is not so easy to find the right gift. He/ she has to struggle a lot with the choice of the gift…”

Secret Santa may turn out to be your colleagues, boss, customers, vendors or anyone. Appreciating them goes a long way. Your time and recognition will not be forgotten by anyone who receives a Heartfelt Thanks from you.

We spend 8-10 hours at work, 5 days a week and we interact with our colleagues, peers, boss all through our work schedule. That’s a lot of time that we are spending with our team, our universe. Without their ongoing support, we would really stand no chance of succeeding.

Appreciation is never out-of-place. It should be conveyed not only during holiday season rather done throughout the year. Unfortunately, in many organizations, it’s often a scarce commodity. Make your workplace the exception. Use every opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude to your peers, boss, customers, vendors and many more.

Praise/ Positive Feedback can:

  • Helps build trust and stronger relationship
  • Make employees feel appreciated, which in turn will encourage enthusiasm, commitment, loyalty and other positive behaviours such as taking initiative, pro-activeness, and a “can do” attitude
  • Encourage the behaviours/attitudes that you want to see more of. And there is a strong correlation between telling someone that they have done something well and having them repeat that behaviour in future.

Gratitude can go a long way in the professional world. Whether it is done by giving out thoughtful holiday treats or simply taking the time to notice a job well done. Thanking your colleagues can help build relationships, improve communication and overall make your office a happier place. This Christmas, with Bravo, we have made it a lot easier for you to thank anyone you would like to thank.. We invite you to experience the happiness.

Say thanks with a Bravo Card

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