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Recognition Vs Attrition-Why is Recognition important in the Workplace?
admin | June 24th, 2017, 8:19 am

Doesn’t seem to be a likely match isn’t it? I mean, why would anyone put up their papers just because they haven’t been appreciated for doing a good job? why is recognition important in the workplace? After all, everyone gets paid for their work. Along with the promised bonuses! So why the heck are we even talking about it?

BECAUSE it makes complete sense!

BECAUSE we are human and NOT a machine.

BECAUSE motivation is necessary to survive and overcome our weakness and not succumb to failures

BECAUSE it’s natural to have expectations from your employer to provide you with a healthy and happy work environment

The list is endless.

Studies reveal that 51% of employees feel they would want to leave their jobs in the next 12 months if their contribution at work is not given due recognition [Source: Work Trends 2013/2014]. Reinforcing the fact that recognition is inversely proportional to turnover intention. The power of recognition rules above the intent to quit. You might also want to read Why you need a Formal Employee Recognition program

I hope this gives you a perspective, Why is Recognition important in the Workplace?

Bravo works in multiple ways to-

  • To promote and sustain the power of motivation
  • As a catalyst in encouraging peer recognition on an official broadcasting platform
  • Assign company values and monitor the adoption of the same

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