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Recognition is the primary factor of engagement
admin | August 24th, 2017, 8:19 am

There can be many factors of employee engagement, but recognition is one of the primary factors of engagement.A lot of key decision makers ask the question, Why is Recognition important ?

Recognition is a powerful tool in the corporate world. It has the ability to drive people to try their best efforts.

Why is Recognition important ?

A kind word, a simple thank you works like magic in the otherwise mundane, ‘taken for granted’ roles in the regular 9 to 5 lives of many employees.  They feel more involved with their jobs, takes responsibility of their actions and doesn’t just think of passing the blame on to other team members. Engaged employees tend to have a mature eye in handling people related issues, in responding to their colleagues in a positive manner instead of generating strong reactions, and in avoiding unnecessary arguments.

As per global Work Trends 2013/14 data, 28% of people who have not received any recognition on doing a good job has less than 40% engagement with an organization whereas 76% of people who had been recognized have touched double engagement levels for the same organization. You might also want to read The role of employee recognition in driving motivation for employees

Motivation keeps the adrenaline high for high performers too.

On a 5 point scale, conducted by Work Trends 2013/2014, high potential employees have a higher agreement with employee engagement, job satisfaction, and collaboration and innovation levels as compared with other average performing employees. And the same enthusiasm takes a deep dive when they are not recognized judiciously for their efforts. People who are intrinsically motivated needs visibility to keep their stature shining.

Help your employees keep the momentum high in their performance levels with Bravo. The peer to peer social recognition tool which brings multiple benefits along with high employee engagement, higher productivity and collaboration and most importantly, a warm and friendly work environment!

Find your team player. Find the source of energy which keeps the engine running round the clock. Keep an eye on the recognition meter to find the life of your teams.

I hope this post gave you some answers to the question- Why is Recognition important ?

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