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How well can millennials collaborate?
admin | November 24th, 2017, 8:19 am

In order to create a successful work environment, meaningful collaboration is an essential ingredient. What happens when a group of Millennials come together in the workplace? A lot of people are talking about how millennials are changing the workplace ?

They encourage each other to share their ideas. Unlike a competitive work space, where ideas need to be a closely guarded secret till the optimum moment, an open atmosphere encourages millennials to come closer to their colleagues in a manner beneficial to both. They are encouraged to share their ideas and bring out new ones, leading to a more agile, innovative and successful company.

Here are some key points about what millennials want from workplaces and how millennials are changing the workplace-

Friendly atmosphere

Something that makes millennials look forward to work each day are their ‘friends’ at work. Working in silos is a thing of the past. Even individual contributors prefer working independently but together. The friendly banter at times, the series of laughs during the day help freshen up the mind and make work load lighter and bearable for the taxing brains. Tea or coffee breaks becomes the ‘meeting’ joints quite often. Such meetings help in knowing the colleagues in a better way and makes it easier to collaborate with them as well. A team works efficiently if everyone understands and respects the way their co-workers function.


Recognition, in a unique way, helps build the foundation of a culture of ‘trust’ in any organization. It gives a sense of purpose to your colleague when you appreciate and recognize his good work publicly. The fact that his efforts have been acknowledged by his team makes him proud of his association with them and as such the organization. This particular ‘feel good’ factor is in our nature as human beings and this is what drives us to fulfillment. Employees become more responsible and take accountability of their actions. Taking the best from each one thus makes a grand finished product. Successful ideas survive because everyone has a stake in them. Communication and open minded appreciation are the keys to a successful collaboration. You may also want to read How millennials perceive social recognition


Collaboration also plays a key role when it comes to reducing millennial turnover. Millennials collaborate for regular feedback on their performance. Consistent feedback in a casual, informal setting is more valued and respected as compared to formal quarterly/annual review meetings as part of the performance management process. A genuine approach for improving deliverables is to provide timely and genuine feedback. Millennials prefer flexibility in their daily routines, a breathing space to unwind and be treated as responsible adults. If they feel trusted and in control of their deliverables, they are more likely to remain with the organization.


Encouraging millennials to collaborate and contribute boosts their morals, improves team work and reduces attrition. Social recognition motivates the young energetic crowd to give their best shot and get acclaimed for the same. And social media plays an important part in it. All in all promotes a healthy working relationship and millennials no doubt are doing a good job out of it!

I hope this post has given you answer of How millennials are changing the workplace ? and some ideas about what expectations millennials have from workplaces.

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