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20 Exciting Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day
Mandar Bhagwat | February 20th, 2018, 7:59 am

We all spend a lot of time at our workplaces. All that hard work can sometimes go unnoticed. The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day. With just a couple weeks to go, now is the time to decide how you want to express gratitude for your employees. Here are some Ideas for Employee Appreciation.

‘Hurry! You only have a week to plan!’

Some Awesome Ideas for Employee Appreciation

‘Employee Appreciation Day’, It is an awesome opportunity for you to tell your employees how valuable they are for you. ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ is a great occasion for all bosses and managers, team leaders to show their gratitude towards their employees for the awesome work they have been putting in. Appreciation Day is often honored with breakfast, lunch, cake, and other celebratory activities. Most workplaces don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party! . So what are some of your Ideas for Employee Appreciation.

Beyond infusing some fun into the workday, expressing gratitude to your team can have a positive impact on morale, retention, and productivity.

Employee recognition has a direct link to employee satisfaction, and satisfied employees do better work and are less inclined to leave. Recognition makes employees feel appreciated. A little workplace appreciation goes a long way towards boosting employee morale. You might want to read The role of employee recognition in driving motivation for employees

Here are some of the unique ideas for Employee Appreciation Day.

Some are simple and easy to whip-up in a pinch, and others are great ways to show your appreciation every day of the year

1. Warm welcome

Set up a ‘Welcome to Work’ station at the employee entrance with coffee, juice, donuts for the a.m. crew, or coffee, soda, cookies for the p.m. crew. Decorate the station with positive messages on signs (e.g., ‘Our employees are #1’ or ‘Through these doors walk the world’s greatest employees’.

2. Social butterfly/Shout out on social media – Every month

Take to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to recognize your employees in a public setting. Highlight who they are, what they’ve done, and why it was such a great deed.

3. Create a Giant Wall Clock for Your Employee of the Month Award

The ‘Value Victor’ is our long-standing and cherished employee of the month award. Each month, the company recognizes employees who embody one or more of the company’s core values. Hire designers to create a cartoon-like caricature for every Value Victor. These can then be placed around a giant wall clock display. For every new Value Victor, a new portrait can be commissioned at places on the clock.

4. Take them somewhere fun

The key is to let the team choose where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do. It also helps build excitement by having the group brainstorm ideas. Then have them anonymously rate the ideas, tally up the score and announce the results.

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With this document, we provide you 20 awesome and creative ideas to make your Employee Appreciation Day really special for you. We sure do hope you will have an awesome time with your teams.

Last, but not the least, say “thank you” to your employees! When is the last time you simply said thank you?
Some owners take for granted that employees are there to do the work tasked to them, and think that because it is expected, there is no need for a thank you. A thank you is such a simple way to show appreciation. You might not think it matters, but there is a noticeable attitude difference between a staff whose boss genuinely thanks them periodically compared to one where the staff never hears it. While not everyone needs a “thank you” to do a good job, many do. It won’t hurt those who don’t need to hear it, but it will mean much to those who do.

Without appreciation, your employees will lose interest in their job. The costs involved in replacing and training new team members are way too high to ignore.

By showing your employees appreciation on a regular basis, you will retain more of your talent and foster an environment of excellence. People tend to do their best work when they’re happy and in good spirits.

I hope this post was able to give you some Ideas for Employee Appreciation. Start using some of these ideas at your workplace and you will soon find the energy levels soaring at your workplace, and you will thank us a lot for that.


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