Unleash Positivity with Pozitive Workplaces
With Pozitive Workplaces we aim to help you:
Inspire Loyalty
Replacing a single employee costs approximately 20% of that employee's salary. Reorient your culture so that employees want to stay
Boost Engagement
Build a culture of appreciation with a non-traditional, bottoms up culture of peer-to-peer recognition.
Inspire Innovation
All businesses are created first by ideas. Leverage Ideacomb enterprise level features to set up and collaborate on Ideas and innovation management in your organization.
Workplace Recognition Reimagined
Workplace Recognition Reimagined
Built from Millenials
Bravo is built for Millenials by Millenials. Authentic, targetted, peer-to-peer recognition is a tap away
Bring good to light
Highlight positivity by bringing to the forefront the amazing things that are happening in your company.
Augmented Writing
Writing a great appreciation note isn't always easy. Our Augmented Writing assistant solves that problem.
Enterprise Idea & Innovation Management Platform
Develop and Improve -Products/applications/Process faster
Providing staff a platform to submit and collaborate on ideas
KPI Driven
Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on innovation
End to End
Managing the innovation process from concept to adoption
Why Pozitive?
  • Build an ‘aura of encouragement’ keeping negative sentiments at bay
  • Collaborate and inspire each other to foster openness
  • Appreciate, honor and acknowledge individual talents
  • Freedom to power creativity and innovation
  • Giving the best equals receiving the best
  • Transparency in expectations and actions
  • Engaged millennial towards a common GOAL
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of deliverables
  • Positive culture that translates to customer success
  • For empowered millennial’s, the positive workplace becomes ‘home’
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